Commercial Projects

Commercial and Government Marine Construction Projects

Wise Wharf by WECWater’s Edge Construction design/builds marine projects with the structural integrity that is necessary in a commercial marine environment. Our years of experience in the marine construction industry allow us to offer customized turnkey services for your project.
We can assist you in designing marine structures which make the best use of your site as well as take into account the unique character of the water body with which it will interact. We use synthetic materials for maintenance-free structures, or heavy-duty traditional materials, while using best management practices to preserve the environment. We are experts in shoreline restoration and stabilization, as well as dredging (tidal and non-tidal), fixed structures and demolition services.


Marine Project Consultation
Floating Piers: Timber & Concrete
Marina Design and Installation
Pile Driving: Timber, Steel & Synthetic
Coffer Dams/Cut off Walls
Boat Ramps, Tending Piers, Boat slips
Stormwater Outfall Systems
BMP Ponds
Bridges (Vehicular and Pedestrian)
Heavy Timber Piers and Wharves
Retaining Walls
Gabion Basket Walls
Slope Stabilization
Riprap Revetments
Erosion Control
Stream Restoration
Dredging Tidal/Non-Tidal
Wharf and Bulkhead Repairs
Tieback Systems
Beach Nourishment/Living Shorelines

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